ROX Gallery, an uber chic addition to LES art scene, held the ROCK|THEM opening reception on May 29, 2013Laura O’Reily curated the portal for self-reflection, which examines the quest for acceptance, status and beauty through material goods.

ROCK|THEM is a reaction to elitism and luxury marketing. “ROCK” represents material items used as weapons of fashion and “THEM” represents the receivers of the projected self-image.

An eclectic range of artists lined the walls of the labyrinth-like gallery. Andy Warhol, Ryan Mcginley, Arman and John Platt were amongst the artist roster.  From an acrylic mirrored portrait of Kanye West in front of a pharaoh tomb to debris of an exploded luxury purse, the exhibition provides ample works to feast upon.

The opening drew in a massive (and utterly hip) downtown crowd, overflowing the two-story space and spilling onto the sidewalk. One guest shouted into her phone while crossing the intersection, “Will I even be able to get in?” By exercising crowd dexterity, TWELV managed to maneuver inside and it was well worth the sweaty squeeze. 

ROCK|THEM is open for viewing through June 30. For more information and a full list of artists visit ROXNYC.com

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Tasha Tongpreecha